Seaside Gardening - published 1995

by Theodore James Jr. and Harry Haralambou

page 29...
“In another Long Island meadow garden blessed with abundant sun, designer Elizabeth Lear planted a grove of Bradford pears to shade a charming gazebo. In the distance, Coreoptsis lanceolata and C. tinctoria bloom amid fescue grasses and achillea.”

page 77...
“Designer Elizabeth Lear has created an outdoor flower arrangement in this tub. The swordlike foliage of dracaena gives structure to a planting that also includes ivy geraniums and variegated vinca. Lear recommends ivy geraniums for seaside gardens because it is less susceptible to wind damage than other varieties.”

page 87..
“Designer Elizabeth Lear has used Nantucket ramblers with varieties of blue flowering clematis over a moon gate in a Long Island garden. White double peonies bloom in front of a yew hedge.”

page 89...
“Another rose covered cottage, this one in Water Mill, New York, was designed by Elizabeth Lear. To compliment the pink New Dawn’s climbing rose, she has planted Viburnum plicatum, hydrangea, pink dahlias, and white snapdragons.